The Power of 60+ #LadyFlava

I never thought too much on what life would be like when I became 60 and beyond. I did think about how I would dress, though 😁

– I find myself desiring less to be around a lot of people.

– Self Care is a huge factor for me…it’s frustrating being in my 60’s and having to face that my metabolism has slowed down and possibly my hormones are out of wack…so the struggle for weight loss is a challenge even though I eat healthy and do 30 minutes of exercise everyday.

– Quiet Time is so important for me as an older woman and being an Empath.

– Speaking my truth is very important. I realize that not all want to hear it, or want to engage in deeper conversations of substance…but this is how I thrive best. Challenge me and allow me to challenge you.

– I still desire to experience great and exciting creativity. I really want to experience Art that is unique and different yet relatable for someone like me. My taste can be all over the place and you never know what will excite me.

– Although much of my life is routine and scheduled out, I crave learning and inspiration.

I could go on with listing where I am and what works for me…but the bottom line is, I need to be honest and true to what feels right to me. I struggle with people trying to put me into a box.

Everything I do online and think about has to do with Creative SoulZ.

– I think about if they a doing their best and are they being authentic to who they are or creating what they believe people want to experience.

– Are the healthy and taking care of themselves.

– I share my daily routines around health and wellness and wonder what do their daily routines look like.

– How are they surviving through the lack of opportunities, thanks to Covid.

I love Creativity and those that create.

But life has shift drastically for me since I moved to Vegas. I feel like Lady Flava has died and I’m struggling to reinvent myself. The power of being 60+ is being about to say this and not care what others think about it. It’s my truth.

So I live life on my terms. I work, pay my bills on time, have a savings and do what I want, even if that means that I do nothing at all. When I go out to an event, it’s because I really want to go. I eat healthy and drink water and tea. I go to bed early and start my day early. I am a Spiritual Christian and spend time with God everyday and night. I forgive quickly and let go faster these days. I understand that we are not all raised the same along with our brains can work differently and in this challenges arise in communication.

But I’m finding my peace and staying true to what works for me today, it could change tomorrow 😉 and I’m okay with that. I don’t like feeling stuck.

I’m learning and growing into , what I have defined as a better me. So maybe when I arrive at 65+ We will be further away from the craziness of Covid and life will feel my exciting.

Do you and be at peace, no matter what your age is. Always learn something new or research what you want to be better at. Take care of your Mind-Body-Spirit because it’s okay if life is about yourself.

Where does your Power come from? Mine comes from the Power of 60+ plus and all that goes along with my age.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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