Remember When We Could Afford To Go To A Concert?

When I was a teenager my 1st concert my parents let me got to with my friends was, Stevie Wonder. Next it was Sly and The Family Stone. My oldest daughters first concert at the age of 5, I took her to see Smokey Robinson. And I saw Luther Vandross when I was newly divorced.

Of course I went to more concerts than that but I just started thinking about what it cost back in the day to go see Super Stars compared to what it cost today.

Shows in Vegas in 2022 Adele-Usher-Garth Brooks

We have amazing Talents who live in Las Vegas, who would love to make the taxes and handling fees made on 1 ticket. Okay, I’m stretching it, but you get the point right.

There are great talents right here in Vegas who lost venues and casinos to perform at during this crazy Pandemic we are still living through. It would be great if the local talents could be given venues and opportunities where they can make money to survive and thrive. So many perform at venues that charge a small amount to free and walk away from performances making just that, a small amount or nothing.

While mainstream artists can demand a ticket price that could cover a care note or someone’s rent and people pay. People fly to Vegas to stay in a fancy hotels to attend these costly shows. Some may be able to put the money out without a problem, while others make extreme sacrifices to attend for the experience and to say they were there.

Now, we enter a 3rd year of dealing with the struggles faced here in Vegas for local Entertainment, while the rich and famous charge amounts that most people cannot afford…and they still thrive in an economy they faces some challenges of wearing masks 😷 and getting vaccinated or not.

Oh, some shows on Vegas as faced challenges, such as Adele’s…they have now chosen to postpone the opening of her residency here in Vegas. The locals who were to sing background and dance loose out on a paying gig. Yes, revenue is lost on this event for Adele’s production…but not like it hurts the local talents.

Will we ever get back to appreciating the organics of the grassroots hustle in filling venues, where some money can be made for the up and coming…to simply being able to afford an experience of Mainstream Artistry and Production.

One of my favorite Indie Artists was performing, along with a second one who I played their music on my internet radio shows for years up to the present…well they both were here performing with Christina Aguilera and I could not afford to attend the concert. I was still so proud of them and will continue to support their original projects.

Does the production of a mainstream concert make sense if regular hard working people can’t afford to attend? And does it make sense that great talents in the Entertainment Capital of The World struggle to survive?

Something needs to change…where that starts and how to make that happen…

I guess it comes down to recognizing value and what’s realistic for the whole purpose of Entertainment.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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