Vegas Chime in…The Mask Mandate Has Been Lifted Today 2/19/22


Share your honest thoughts about the Mask Wearing Mandate being lifted in Vegas.

As I leave work, where we have Covid patients and are receiving more tonight…I come home to see this 😷

I have strong feelings around the spread of Covid and taking safety precautions. I’ll be honest, I feel a bit anxious around this news and will continue to wear a mask when I am around people.

The spread of this virus is still present. I believe with people taking safety precautions and getting vaccinated has helped prevent the spread Covid where it would be much worse.

Now I do believe how a person chooses to maneuver life with the umbrella of Covid lingering out there…it’s a personal choice. I do hope it is a realistic informative choice and not ignorant decision.

I will be watching from the sidelines to see how this will play out. Again, I work at a rehabilitation hospital and we are mandated to wear masks and goggles at work. But I’m my personal life, I will be wearing a mask when amongst people while out and about.

What’s your plans if you’re in Vegas and wearing a mask or not?

Will Vegas Entertainment have more opportunities and what will that look like?

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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