Exploring God’s Art in Nevada/ Red Rock Canyon

Today, I decided to push myself to get out and explore God’s Art in Nevada.

I woke up and committed to exploring Red Rocks Canyon, only 20 miles away from my home. I grabbed coffee and a breakfast sandwich and it the road. This was a perfect way to blow out my Hooptie, Poopsie on the road and stop by to get a Smog Test done on the way home.

The weather was perfect and I didn’t need to wear a jacket. What a wonderful morning.

There was quite a bit of traffic heading to Red Rock Canyon along with a bunch of cyclists and motorcyclist traveling in the same direction.

These beautiful Blue Birds were flying all over the landscape of The Red Rock Canyon.

The outlook area was packet. I had to circle around before I could find a parking place. stepping out you could see a mass of these Blue Birds along with cute little creatures running around.

Several motorcycles were lined up with men that I believe were around 70 years of age… I actually enjoyed seeing them hanging out with a variety of colors and styles of bikes.

Also, close to a dozen photographer with fancy cameras and devices taking pictures. And there was was me with my cellphone and camera taking my own pictures.

I sat for a short while as I ate my breakfast and sipped on my coffee, observing the people coming through and the interesting formations of Red Rock Canyon against the beautiful blue skies.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. What an interesting view, with dull sandstone mute colors sprinkle of sporadic deep dark red splashes. Although, I am drawn to deep lush colors. This area clearly is a beautiful representation of Gods Art in Nevada.

I’m glad that I ventured out. I need to get out and explore nature in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

And Poopsie passed her Smog Test 😁

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Photos taken by LadyFlava

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