Great Conversations

One of my most favorite thing is to talk to or be around a person or people that are passionate about what they create and are working on new projects that fuel their soul. God blessed me with two conversations this weekend two of my favorite people who I call colleagues and dear friends.

It is infectious to talk to someone that is working a project that feels so good to them, their is an amazing energy in their voice and the sharing is intense and electrifying.

Both are musicians and working on projects that I will be able to share on my radio shows once they are ready to release. One project I will play a role in and the other, I will be the first to play on my radio station…actually, I am sure that both artists will allow me this blessing.

I crave these types of conversations. Ones that inspire me around my role as Lady Flava, supporting great talents near and far.

I have always been a talked and I love to have a conversation with someone where we can go back and forth with each other. Maybe is is just getting caught up on life, sharing the good bad and the ugly or sharing the excitement around creating.

I think there is a purpose to “chit chat’ and the ability to just get caught up with someone without too much depth to the exchange. It used to drive me crazy, because I know for my spirit I need more, but I know some great people and they are not exposed to life in the same way as I am or I desire to be…so it’s simple and caring.

I don’t always feel like talking and when I do, it’s a handful of people that I will always answer the phone for, if I am available or will call back. But this weekend was great, God knew these two people had something to share with me that would make me smile on the other end of the phone, my end. These conversations inspired to to write. I realize that I at time experience conversations differently than even the person on the other end and I end up feeling hopeful about my blogs and having something to share.

What are your conversation like…is it simple chit chat or do you have thought provoking and inspiring conversations?

I am working on myself to let go of my sadness and stress, so God will bring what I need into my life at this time. Sometimes, that is all that is needed is an attitude adjustment and the right conversation with the right person(s)

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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