Jay Ross Da Boss #SoulCravers Digital Promotions & Marketing

DJ/Digital Marketing and Promotions/Music Historian/Podcast Host/Spotify Curator


Jay Ross was born in Los Angeles California where music played a huge foundation in his household. He collected vinyl’s starting at the age of seven years old to the present. As a teen he taught himself how to dj and dj’d variety events and parties. Jay Ross did a podcast entitled,”Soulcravers Radio” on BlogTalkRadio.com in which he interviewed various artist such as Bernadette Cooper, Tawatha Agee, Shirley Jones Of The Jones Girls, and many others, which led him to his passion of Music Marketing. Currently, Jay Ross provides digital marketing promotions and social media promotions for variety, yet select group of indie soul artists. His goal is to promote indie artists on the same marketing platforms as those artists who are seen on larger media outlets in radio, podcast and magazines and more.

I encountered Jay Ross Da Boss on Facebook and really didn’t know at the time who he was and what he really did. He has an online presence that clearly shows support to Indie Music which is right up my alley. I cannot tell you how long it was before he started to send me music for me to play on my radio shows. And 90% of what he sent me is great and I still have emails to go through to listen to for airplay consideration. I appreciate his persistence, dedication and professional representation of sharing these artists music with myself and I am sure many other radio show hosts.

I tried to do my own research and have not come up with much beyond social media. I do not know if he is a business and gets paid for his promotions, or if he does this for gaining recognition and respect in the music industry to then turn it into a money maker. Whatever his angle is, I respect it.

It reminds of back in the day with my colleagues Miles Anthony, Hasan Brown, Paris Toon, Delonte` Briggs, George Littlejohn, DeWayne Alton, Lady Mamalade and more… Music was shared and music was played all around the world. It was never a competition but more so a respectful united collaboration. We wanted to provide support and platforms for some amazing musical talents to be heard. Those days is when being apart of this industry was so exciting for me. The connection is not the same now, but the memories and respect remains.

So, getting back to Jay Ross Da Boss….I respect his Hustle and if he is serious about it…I would hope that he will create an online business page that reps what he is doing for these artists and himself.

I just wanted to stop and show my respect for this gentleman and encourage him into his what I believe is his passion and calling.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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  1. Terrie Rimson
    Mar 09, 2022 @ 12:08:41

    Love me some Jay!!

    Liked by 1 person


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