Why Do People Talk During A Performance? #rude

Why do people talk during a performance? #ladyflava of #ladyflavanews

Is it because you really are not there for the performance experience, but for the social experience and to be seen by others?

When I go out, I want to take in the whole experience from the venue, to the performance area to the actual performance. People in and out and folk talking and walking around while the show is taking place. Personally and professionally, I feel it’s extremely rude.

I am beginning to believe that a lot of what takes place is not about the entertainment or entertainers but more so about coming out to be social. It’s more about being out, seeing who’s out and getting caught up and taking pictures.

Why do you go out? And if you’re not one of those people I mentioned above, have you experienced this and how does it make you feel?

Share your thoughts 😊

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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