BRAVO…Avana Christie, “The Best of Me” Musical Concert #LasVegas

“The Best of Me, Avana Christie”

“The Best of Me” Presented by Avana Christie and PM Productions, was an experience that I was excitedly anticipating.

I was once apart of Avana Christie’s team when she put on the phenomenal concert R.E.S.P.E.C.T. here in Las Vegas. I willingly accepted this responsibility of tickets and merchandise, but hated to have missed whole experience of the performance. The audience raved about their experience as they exited the theater with praise and excitement.

So, this time I attended as a journalist and fan.

Avana Christie aka Peachy One did not disappoint. 🍑🌟🍑🌟🍑

Check out the snippets that I am sharing with you below. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into the world of a polished Las Vegas and World Entertainer, Recording Artist and Actress on Stage and Film;

Miss Avana Christie.

Link to pictures of this event on LadyFlavaNews on Facebook

As you can see from the photos and video snippets I’ve shared above, a lot of hard work, rehearsals and plotting & planning went into this production and experience. Avana Christie took us on a journey of her life as an entertainer from early days in church, sharing the journey that took her around the world and then what she has to offer people in Las Vegas and coming to Las Vegas. In my opinion, The Peachy One (as she is fondly called) is the whole package. Great vocals, engaging presence and thoughtful stage presentation. She hand picked her background singers, and musicians along with the dancers and visuals displayed through pictures and videos with on the overhead screen.

2 of Las Vegas Favorite Entertainers, Denita Asberry and Bobby Rose joined in on this fabulous affair and wowed the audience with their music flair.

Avana took us on a musical journey through songs like: Everything Must Change, Tell Me Something Good, Midnight Train To Georgia along with a variety of other classics….Then the moment came when she performed her New Single, “Peachy Wit Me.” The audience loved it.

Although there were some minor glitches, I wholeheartedly feel this was a wonderful production and experience. With poise, pizazz and phenomenal talent not only from Avana Christie but from her background singers and band gave a great concert experience at the North Las Vegas Library Theater. I sincerely say “Bravo” to Avana Christie and her Team. A production like this could not be pulled off without a solid team and I know from experience that Avana was very selective in who she asked to play a role.

I would encourage you to follow Avana Christie on social media and her website : You don’t want to miss her next performance and concerts.

8 Flava Snaps

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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