I’m Excited To Be Writing As An Accredited Blogger/ Journalist of LadyFlavaNews

As I’ve been exploring what direction I wanted to take my support of indie creative soulz, I felt a shift coming. I lost interest in radio and even making promos for others, but I found a passion for telling peoples stories. I want to write my truth about what I feel or what I experience. I want to give creative soulz the opportunity to tell their story.

Many times in the Indie Arena of Arts and Entertainment the world never hears about the amazing talents out there. There is very little online documentation of creatives that we may cross paths with in person or online.

Years ago, as I was researching the Music Industry…I came across an Artist House video where the industry person said, “you know you have made it when people start writing about you.” This information has stuck with me.

In my move to Las Vegas I have met and experienced many great talents. I have spent numerous hours researching Vegas Entertainers, Black Vegas Entertainment and have found little or nothing on these performers.

So, I came up with the concept of “Tell Your Story with Flava.” Giving an opportunity to seasoned entertainers to have their story documented. I’ve only done one so far but my goal is to open this up to creative soulz from near and far.

Although, I’ve been writing reviews and blogs or doing vlogs for years…I’ve never just focused myself in this direction. God and I have had many conversations about what I should be focusing on as a supporter of creative soulz and right now it’s writing, vlogging and taking pictures.

I’m excited and I welcome you to follow my journey in connecting with creative soulz in Las Vegas but not limited to just local talents and businesses. Yes, I love writing about my experience of encountering small businesses too.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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