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Intentional learning is the mindset of seeing every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. The desire to learn should always be in our consciousness, where we approach everyday situations and gain new knowledge. Intentional learning could be key the key to success in tomorrow’s world.

Jan 5, 2021

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Of course I think about how artists and entertainers should always master their craft through practice, rehearsals and learning new techniques or exploring a different direction.

But I’m beginning to think that it goes beyond mastering one’s craft…it think that intellectual stimulation creates more ability to visualize beyond where one is. There are so many ways to push ourselves beyond what we know today.

Google and YouTube are wonderful resources to expand what we know. It can push is to think beyond what we know and see things differently. It can set a fire to where we desire to learn something new, try a different approach, design a presentation in a fresh way and more.

I’m speaking from personal and professional experience. In many ways I have been suck in how I understand this industry of Arts & Entertainment that I choose to be apart of. It has changed so much, so how do I fit in and what can I do with the new information that I’ve learned.

I’m going to push myself to learn more about technology such as Zoom and Photoshop. I hear stories differently too. When I listen and feel the experience of Art, Creative SoulZ…I not only pay attention to how I feel but what I believe the person(s) intentions are in what they want your experience to be. This is the Empath in me. I crave learning new things and pushing myself. I like the idea of leading by example.

So, I would encourage you to go beyond what you know today and see how a shift can take place in your lift. Growth can allow others to experience something new from you.

Brain stimulation will help as we age and this is so important to lessen the chance of dementia.

Thinking Out Loud…

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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