Top Gun Review 10 Flava Snaps

May 27.2022 Opening Day for Top Gun “Maverick” and my jobs CEO rented out a theater at Palace Station for all the staff to come out and experience this movie with him. I went and enjoyed although I chose to sit in a section alone.

If you saw the first Top Gun that was released in 1986, wow it was that long ago…it wasn’t a surprise the loud sounds of the jets and from the opening scene, you attention was grabbed with anticipation.

The next generation of Naval fighter pilots were taken to the next level to be the best with the guidance of Maverick (Tom Cruise) who not only taught through words but actual example.

With hesitation as his former flight partner and best friend, Goose’s son Rooster is apart of this crew. Feeling the essence of wanting him to stay safe without pushing him to the limits of a fighter pilot in combat and flight challenges and the wanting him to be the best of the best, like his father who the lost to this Naval Flight raging potential outcome.

The crew learned from and respected this seasoned pilot and now their mentor in life. With cockiness and pure arrogance or unspoken timid fear but with the heart of Naval Top Gun Fighter Pilots, they all step up.

The energy of this movie was exciting. A variety of emotions were felt through the characters and scenes. With flashbacks to the first Top Gun to the next generation, a prideful purpose was felt from Iceman pushing Maverick into another stage of greatness. The others in leadership as Iceman, I believe knew what Maverick could do with this crew but hesitated in allowing him to do the unthinkable with the blessings due to the high risk factor.

Pride, team trust, rekindled love, growth and faith and feelings with strength are felt.

This is a movie that was great and I would watch it again and again as I did the first version.

Did he win the girl back? 😊

With the memories of friendship to the present pride of mentor slash uncle. Sadness, pain and forgiveness is present between Maverick and Rooster.

As an Empath I experience life and Art different than most, but I felt the life lessons out of an intense military story. It’s not just about oneself but your decisions can and will impact others.

I’m grateful to my boss for making this opportunity available to us on opening day of Top Gun “Maverick “. Going to the movies was a nice change for me.

I highly recommend this movie with a loud 10 Flava Snaps 😁

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews


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