Do You Build Win Win Connections?

I recently had a conversation with someone that I have shown years of support to in a variety of ways, and asked why they do not show me support in return…I said we should do this for each other to help each other grow in what we do.

That person said, “What do you do?” 😳

How many of you have industry people you support and do not do the same for you in return?

Why is this? Is it really okay for one sided connections and not win wins for both individuals?

If you are in connection with someone that has skills that you benefit from, there should be some form of support shown in return…especially if you are not paying for their services.

I have taken the time recently in paying attention to the people I am currently connected to and many have been for years, who never or rarely post about what I do that they benefit from or anything that I am trying to achieve for myself as Lady Flava.

I’ve had several conversations over a period of time with some of these people with either, “you’re right” or very little response and definitely no change in mindful support (that should come naturally.)

I have witnessed others who provide services for others, where there is no reciprocation.

As a Christian, I was raised that you uplift and support others. I have done it with pure intentions. This was a rewarding feeling for a long time, until I realize how little I have grown from these connections.

I will never stop supporting others, but in some arenas I will cut back, or stop.

Hitting the “like” button, is that real support or not hitting the “like” not showing support…let’s talk about what support really looks like in the Indie Arts & Entertainment Industry…especially when it comes to social media or word of mouth.

Win wins are most beneficial, don’t you think?

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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