Do You Put Things Off Until…

A conversation I had today…Do It Now! So many times we put off what we need to do or want to do until tomorrow or beyond and the suffer from regrets. Do It Now! Tomorrow is not promised.

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Why do we put off doing things we know we need to or even things we claim we want?

I was having this conversation today with my daughter who is celebrating her 35th birthday. We talked about why we procrastinate on certain things. We talk about things we want to try or changed but ourselves or circumstances and then we don’t always follow through.

What I shared with my daughter is, sometimes we are scared to fail, other times we are just not committed and then it can come down to being around people who don’t push themselves, and in turn we put off what we say we want. (that was a long run on sentence, but you get the idea 😉)

When you see people achieving or are apart of a team working towards an exciting outcome…inspiration flows. Those are the people you should want to be around.

My daughter turned 35 today and I will be going on 62 in a matter of weeks. It’s interesting that we have the same feelings around what we want to achieve.

Inspiration can come from great thought provoking conversations, witnessing achievements and having someone believe in you, even if it’s just yourself.

Take little steps consistently and know you are progressing towards your wanted outcome.

Live today, proud of yourself and value the little steps because they will take you towards your dreams and goals. I’m my opinion, we should be scared of becoming stuck and going no where.

We create out legacy and what we will be remembered for.

Live with no regrets. Let’s help each other grow!

Topic of conversation with my 35 yo, my BabyGirl on 6/4/22.

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