What’s Your Track Record?

As I’m listening to a business audiobook, I just heard, “What’s Your Track Record?”

Ding Ding Ding 🛎

How many of us keep records on who we are and what we do? Do you know what your successes or challenges look like?

Do you know your real following are? Do they come because of you or to just be, to be seen or to just be social?

Who are you financially benefitting from? Are they paying to attend? Are they purchasing merchandise? Who is your regular consumer? How can you grow your paying following?

As I wrote in another blog, I wrote…

Who’s writing about you?

Who’s documenting their experience of you?

Who’s sharing you with their family, friends and network?

You want people to be your BEST Marketing Tool.

How many people attended your show or event?Was it a Free Event or did they pay to attend (how many attended.)

Did you have merchandise to sell? Why or why not and if you had merch what did your display look like and how much did you sell?

Do you have a record keeping method?

How do you know how you are doing?

What’s your track track record?

What’s your professional track record?

I think this is something that is extremely important to understand and where you need to make some changes at. 🤔

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Thinking Out Loud

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