It Means They Are Paying Attention…

Many get their feelings hurt if what others put out publicly about they experience about them, if it is not favorable (is a bad thing)…In my opinion, it’s not. Of course we all want positive reactions about what we do, but what if there is value in their critique. Sometimes we can grow from others feedback.

But to me the real value is in the fact that you captured their attention.

Now you have the opportunity to change their initial perception…

Invite them back, and then ask them for their feedback one on one, or to present their opinion again publicly.

Be brave, and appreciate others opinions.

How you react is what you can control and what others share is what they choose to for what ever their reason is. TURN IT INTO A GOOD, whatever that looks like for you.

When we go public, we need other people.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Thinking Out Loud…

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