Whatcha Wearin’?

Even if you never say it, I’m sure you have thought it when you saw someone whose outfit is far from flattering on them. You know you want to say, “what were you thinking when you put that on?” Or “what did you see in the mirror?”

Some people I think are so unaware of how they look to others… Think About It 🤔

Women that put on outfits sizes to small. Man that put on outdated suits.

You might say, “Lady Flava you shouldn’t say mean things like this.” And maybe you are right…I would want someone to pull my coattail if something really was not flattering.

I do recognize that some people don’t see what some of us see and it’s no issue…maybe that really is how life should be.

Where does putting you best foot forward or first impressions leaving lasting impressions.

As an Empath, I notice everything. I pay attention to other people’s reactions to my own. When dealing with Artists and Entertainers, their appearance is apart of the experience.

So, yes I think about it and feel badly for people who are unaware of their appearance. I think about outfits I have put on that did no justice for how I look. We need to clear our minds and pay attention and be honest… maybe we need to shift in the way we dress 🤔

Know what looks good on you or ask someone that you can handle their honest opinion.

When you are apart of the Arts & Entertainment Industry, your appearance does matter and is apart of your brand.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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