Arts & Entertainment Is 10% Talent 90% Business

As I grown in my knowledge of the Arts & Entertainment Industry, my eyes are open more to paying attention to how those of this industry maneuver online or in person.

Vegas is a different scene and has their own way of doing business when it comes to the smaller venues. So here appears to be word of mouth and knowing the right people that can put you on a show. I would imagine though, that for bigger opportunities you may need to present an artist package of some form.

But I was thinking back on an interview that I did years ago with Tasha Taylor, the legendary Johnnie Taylor’s babygirl. She told me that as she was coming up with her daddy before he passed, he would talk about the fact that being apart of the Music Industry was 10% Talent and 90% Business.

How many do you that are apart of the Arts & Entertainment Industry really understand this challenging industry that you choose to be apart of? To you handle business the same way you did 10 years ago or are you up to date with how the music business works in 2022.

Good Business in the Arts & Entertainment Industry starts with of course being a great talent, but would say the next need skill is People Skills. You must know how to speak to people wither is someone you are wanting a performance opportunity from or a fan to purchase merchandise or show tickets. You have to wear multiple hats and know which one you put on depending on who you are speaking with.

Next, I would say that when you want to go beyond who you know, be prepared with a solid Artist Package that consists of:

  1. Clear and Attractive Picture
  2. A Strong “Pitch” that is no more that 2 short paragraphs
  3. A Link to a Website or EPK that is up to date with: a) Current Pictures of you performing b) Current Artist Bio c) Videos of you performing d) links to social media e) links to wear music can be purchase or event tickets can be purchased f) Have any info relevant to attract fans and potential opportunities.

I have spent numerous hours researching how the Arts & Entertainment Industry works in 2022. The do’s and don’t(s) and everything in between. I have come across seasoned industry personnel and young, energetic and very informed young people who make so much sense and are great teachers. I would highly suggest that you do some research and see if you need to change your approach in growing and audience and connecting with potential new opportunities. Research who the go to people are and formulate your approach to connect. LinkedIn is one of the best sources to connect to industry people.

I would always encourage to master your craft by learning new techniques and or music to rehearsals and preparation for shows. Most people can tell if you are giving them a great experience…yes there are those that just come out to be social….but you want to attract those will talk about their experience you to the point that they will return and bring other people. The goal should always be to grow your audience.

Understand the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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