When People Create But Don’t Promote…

Why do people create and don’t promote, baffles me. I really don’t understand it. If you want people to pay attention and support who you are and what you are doing, they have to know about you.

They way things work NOW, revolves around social media and your social media following. The numbers of who is really paying attention, your interactions with those paying attention and what you are putting out there for them to pay attention to.

I do recognize that many people don’t enjoy or feel they are good at promotions. But the reality is, many of us including myself do not have a budget to pay a team to help build our dream. So our team starts with US. If we create it, we need to know people will pay attention and want to experience it. We are the face of what we do, so we need to create the hype around building an audience, a real following.

I sit back and pay attention to how people maneuver how they present on social media. Do they promote their shows and products along with who they are promoting in front of. Do people promote to the same people over and over or do they expand to others areas on social media or public opportunities. Do the same people come to their shows or buy their products or have they found a way to go beyond and create an interest in new people.

It’s not easy but I believe it is necessary, you have to get create with your visual presentation to the words you use and how you use them.

Your Brand

Have you established a solid Brand around who you are and what you do. If someone said your name, what are they saying about you?

Your Niche is Your Brand…Meaning, what you are good at should always shine through. Plus do everything thing from a good place with purpose. People will disappoint but as long as you do it for holistic reasons because it’s what feels good in your spirit, their lies the peace within.

Do everything from a good place. Master your craft and create an experience that is memorable. You want them talking about you and wanting more.

Don’t let the hype die…you create, publicly present and then what? If it was done well, keep the momentum going to help establish the next move.

Maybe I should let people do it there way. I’ve shared the information and it’s up to them in what they choose to do or not do with it.

Everyday, I’m researching and trying to understand how this social media game works so I can more effectively support creative soulz. It’s hard, it really is hard but I keep listening and pay attention to those who appear to have it figured out. I know there is a way to figure out the ability to create a solid, recognizable brand and to go beyond those initially paying attention.

If you have a business that requires other people to make it successful, make time to Promote. If you have a job, you can still Promote. If you don’t have a job, you have no excuse not to Promote.

If you create it, or agree to be apart of a project, you should be promoting.

If they don’t know about you, they are not going to come knocking on your door.


LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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