I Crave Stimulating Conversations

I was watching a YouTube video with Shaq and Kobe this afternoon. It felt real, with honest thoughts in a moment to changed understanding in the end. There was an unspoken sense of teamwork even in the challenging moments. There was an understanding of the other’s need to achieve with respect and support. Not perfect, but a connection that I believe could never be duplicated. And I found myself emotional, on a variety of levels. But the first was, why did Kobe and Gigi have to die…there was so much more life for them to live.

Shaq & Kobe…Nothing like these two together and apart…perfect in the imperfections. In the end there was a love and respect their way.

I miss challenging and thought revoking conversations. Even when I’m made to feel uncomfortable, I will take the time to reflect on a conversation and the circumstances surrounding it. Although, I always stay true to myself to know that I have the ability to shift my thoughts in a different direction, to see someone or something in a different light. I’m know I don’t have all the answers and I crave to learn and understand.

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it is how life is for many in my age group. I could be wrong, but I feel many are stuck in a place of comfort even when they claim that it’s not where they want to be.

I miss stimulating conversations where I sit amongst people working towards something that could take them beyond where we were to a place we wanted to experience. I think there was a a difference between black independent creative soulz and black independent entertainers. The indie artists I used to be involved with heavy, the hustle was pure and solid. Finding the team members that made the best dream team on no budget. A team that understood what the ultimate goal was. Meetings plotting & planning, commitment and accountability was a way of life. Some of us came from similar backgrounds and others came from a need to survive but it made sense and it worked. We helped each other, and it was never perfect but it worked from my stand point.

With my move to Vegas, those once upon a time connections are still there but not in the same way. But there will always be love and respect. When life changes, things may shift and they have. We have all gotten older and have had to make decisions on what makes sense or not to m what we have been doing.

Covid hit and has effected us in a variety of challenging ways. For the arts and entertainment industry, it pretty much shutdown. In 2022 Covid still exists and is spreading. We are trying to get back to someone normalcy in coming together and experiencing peoples talents. The numbers are not there and there is no financial budget to work from to set in place for creative soulz to get back out there to make a living.

So it feels like people have stopped dreaming and working towards something bigger. It feels like people show up to be seen, and in that they feel validated for existing.

More so I believe people want to be seen and to be social. It’s not so much about supporting great talents.

I’m crave forward thinking conversations with people committed to putting in the work to create something solid to build from.

I do tons of research because I want to understand how the industry works in 2023. Too many of my peers talk about how they did things in the past, but things have changed and the competition is many to standout amongst the masses

I want more and my thought provoking moments come from YouTube and online webinars that I attend. I gain insight, information and education from a very diverse group of people from Rick Ross to 50Cent to Jay Shetty to Lewis Howes. And a variety of other people from different walks of life, ages and ethnicities.

I talked to my daddy and God as a looked at his preaching robes. I shed tears of heartache in how life has changed so much in my move to Las Vegas and living though the pandemic of Covid going on 3 years.

So, I need to find peace in the direction that I am going alone. Continue to share on social media what we learn or what I know. Share with people that I know if I sense they want to hear what I understand. And if they show no interest, let it go. I need to stop being disappointed in people not doing what I feel they need to do more of to enhance their capabilities. Not everyone is on the same mission as I am and not need to be okay with that

What type of industry conversations do you have and do they bring real value and growth to your life and career? I would love to hear from you.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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