Establish A Following Before The Project…

I have witnessed many that create a great project

/ product ready to introduce publicly but have very little established following. There is no buzz around who they are and what they do. They have a handful of consistent supporters, but enough to grow from if they don’t get others excited about YOU.

Social Media has made it challenging to get out in front of new people. The competition is great, but I know it’s doable to standout.

Create your own lane. Be unique and memorable. Create a buzz. Be engaging. Then invite them to be apart of Your Experience.

Create The Anticipation and then Promote the Project, Product or Event.

Your FIRST need A Real Following. One you establish the following, it’s up to you to create an experience that pushes them to share with others. The desire should be for your fans and satisfied customers to help you build your following.

Once you have people paying attention and excited…It’s time to Launch The Experience.

Get Creative with Your Marketing and Promotions.

Be committed and determined. Believe in your project!

Ready – Set – Go

Sell Your Product

Pack A Venue

Create A Memorable Experience.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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