When You Don’t Have A Budget, Find A Way To Build A Win Win With Your Needed Team

There Are Ways To Build A Team With No Budget

What if the people who agree to be apart of our team and provide services to for our projects, we turn around and supported them too?

This really could be the best payment when we believe in each so much that we share to our audience and network. It also says we are proud to be connected and to have you play a role on my team. I want the world to know about you too.

Expressing appreciation for the work that someone has put in by just publicly acknowledge them does more than you could know. Some of us do work and feel unappreciated and invisible.

Personal note: I have worked on many projects behind the scenes many hours, on top of promoting on several social medias, to be made to feel unappreciated.

Most of the people have very little budget to work from and need the ability to create team without compensation. Some of us have real skills, skills that we deserve to be paid for but we agree to do it for nothing or very little. Then some of us witnessed others get paid who did not put the work in. Or they are identified as a professional and others with skills are not seen in the same light.

I recently worked on a project that in the end I was proud of but I was belittled through the process. It broke my heart.

As a Christian, I come back to what would Jesus do?

Is it wrong to expect appreciate expressed publicly for what we helped with. Or is it wrong to build a support team that we share each other in front of each other social media followings?

What would Jesus say is what is God’s approved approach?

This is the scripture that God put on my heart during my personal struggle…

God Says:

Luke 6:31

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do I to You.

When you do not have a budget to work from for a worthy project. Find away to build a win win and be kind to your team.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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