I Don’t Get Paid For What I Do

I’ve been going around and around in my head about the support I have given over the years to certain creative soulz. I’m working on my why…needing to make sense to myself.

I create promotions and when I do, I also promote on my many socials. I put a lot of work and effort into what I do. And I sincerely love doing it.

Right now though, I don’t feel valued in the work I put into helping the handful of people I step up for. I’ve had conversations around why they do not support me in return. One said, “what do you do?” another said, “I don’t do social media” and the last one said nothing.

So why do I continue to support them? Good question…I think this is my addiction, I like to step in where I see a need and help others build what they are doing.

I make promotional posts, take and edit pictures, videos, EPK’s, websites, run pages, write letters and more…and no, I do not get paid and I do not get support for what I do as a business and brand. They do not put me in front of their audience. The men do not acknowledge me at all for what I do. Some of it is I am sure because I am a woman and now I wonder if is my race.

I am a Christian and as my God-Sister pointed out, we were raised to help others. We witnessed our parents do it, and of course we were raised in church so it was a way of life that was instilled in us.

So where is the balance when, I to am trying to build my business and brand with no support. I truly am a 1 Woman Operation. So things have changed in my spirit on my why and my approach.

Now, if I am drawn to create and promote, I don’t ask, I just do it and don’t ask approval. I will tag and it’s up to them if the want to use it.

I have come to realize that I am addicted to creating and promoting as I try to understand how this all works on social media and becoming an influencer. So, I just do it.

July was a hard month for me on doing what I do and was put down and criticized on a project I was asked to do at short notice. This was not new to me, but was still was hurtful. But I completed it and he put it out without acknowledging that I created it. I do a lot for this person and they don’t like what I create. At first I was telling myself that someday I will create something that he will like. But he continues to put me down. I know the reason why, and it is a real excuse but it’s still not easy to deal with.

I’ve created marketing tools and business tools to set people up to be able to present in a professional manner…and they continue to use their old ways. But they want to be recognized more, and to have more opportunities to come their ways. I’ve done my research and understand a lot of the ins and outs of how to present professionally. I share the information with these people and it’s like it goes in one ear and out the other. No one else is doing this for them..do what is the disconnect?

Now I step back and I watch…I watch to see if they use what I’ve created for them.

I think I finally understand my business mentor back home, she told me, “ as long as you deal with broke artists, you will remain broke. Susan, people get paid for what you do.” It’s interesting, she told this to me 12 years ago on my birthday, when I turned 50. SMH

At times, I tell myself to stop and then I continue…

That’s why I think this is my addiction issue… 🤔

There is a saying, “People do not value what they do not have to pay for.” I am finally realizing that I believe this is true.

It makes me sad because if we would build each other up, there is more value in that than being compensated financially.

So, I do what I do, when I want to and how I want to without permission. I can’t tell if this feels good, that’s why I think I’m addicted to seeing a need and stepping up to help.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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