Performers: Do Not Sing If You Do Not Know The Words

I was thinking about the dos and don’ts being an entertainer, singer, performer…

Rehearsals are key along with preparation. You want to give your BEST every time you step in front of an audience, no matter of the size or venue.

It is said, “you never know who might stop by your show and what influence they may have to provide future opportunities.” Put your Best foot forward, First impressions can be lasting impressions without a do over.” (Yes, I added some extra onto this well known quote.)

So, to get back to my reason for this quick post…

DO NOT perform a Song you do not know the Words to.

Some may go along with whatever, professionals know when you are not prepared. Stick to what you know for sure in the present and kill it. Go home and learn new music, practice/rehearse and Smash it in front of an audience when you’ve perfected it.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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