I Have Always Advocated For The Underdogs…

REPOST FROM 9/5/2015

I have known several successful, wealthy people all my life. They have loved me, believed in me and even mentored me…They are so business smart and goal oriented that at times they forget the importance of settling their mind to be peaceful.

I never met up to their belief in me because I have always wanted to fight for the underdog than get on board with a different way of thinking and doing. I am loyal to my belief that God put me on this journey to support and nuture the up & coming.

So my decisions have made it hard for me to move forward even though I have mass knowledge, skills and connections. I have struggled to gain a real following, along with raising money to fund artists projects. So I just lost a potential sponsor of UTAE because I failed to meet the requirements of a certain number of true followers and financial supporters by August 1st.

I will not give up…But I need your help to build FOR US BY US…

Lady Flava

Guess what, I’m working on rebuilding my LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews Brand. I am a 1 woman team, team me. I don’t have anyone helping build but I help others with their brands creating tools and promoting on a variety of social medias.

So, I’m handling things differently. I create when I want and I don’t ask for permission, they are not paying me. I feel like if I want to create it’s doing something for someone with my brand.

Who would criticize someone helping them for free…they should be grateful, right.

So I just do it to show my work and brand.

And of course I like to step in when I see a need…so I still help those trying to build something. I find myself trying to educate them to step up for themselves.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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