Artists/Entertainers: What Does Your Self-Care Look Like For


Self Care is so important for anybody, but I do wonder what self care looks like for creative soulz. As an Empath, I can sense when people are not at there best and the why. I always prayer for healing of others lives and that they find a way to step up for themselves.

As life passes by and my age creeps up there (60*) I am very self aware of when I am not at my best and the reason why. Now that the pool is open where I live…I crave to be in the water for water exercise as often as life allows and the water permits here in Vegas. The pool is a great way of letting go of the stresses of my job or challenges of dealing with creative soulz and their projects…the water is so peaceful when I’m in the pool alone plus water exercise is a great form constant purposeful movement.

Do you, as a creative soul think about you health and wellness? Do you take mindful steps to be your best self first for yourself and second for those that experience you?

It’s not being made up and and taking selfies…that means nothing to myself and many others…it’s in putting your best foot forward and presenting yourself to us with an infectious energy that creates an intrigue and craving for more of what you have to offer.

Take care of yourself first (mind-body-spirit) and share your best self not selfies with us. (Just my opinion)

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