Does Your Presentation Stunt Your Growth

Are you a business?

Small Business

Artist or Entertainer

Creative Soul

If you are a business or person(s) that is publicly doing something that requires the attention, support and monetary necessity to grow.

What’s your purpose and what do you have to offer others?

Know Who Your Audience Is and Who Is Paying Attention To You

Bring Value to your consumer, fans, audience. Don’t play with their time and money…bring your best every time. Those that love their experience of you are your best Marketing Tool.

Once others are spreading the word about you, capture those moments and use them yourself as marketing tools.

As you grown your audience and customer base…make sure you have professional tools in place to connect.

Create and be ready to present a:

Professional Email



Fact Sheet




Get familiar with contracts

It’s simple to use create effective marketing tools from your phone and your social media. Use your cellphone to take pictures and videos. Hold your hands still when filming videos and look through to camera to focus on what shows the best of the moment. Use people to help record these moments who understand how to do it.

You may not be a social media person, but if you have something that requires the support of others to grow and thrive, you need to commit time daily to social media. You also need to promote outside of your current circle to grow and expand your potential capabilities.

If you choose to not present in a professional manner, you may miss opportunities to take who you are and what you do beyond your today. Your efforts place to where you are…it’s the tell all.

When you research how to grow your brand and business by those who are achieving…they will start with the basics to where you won’t go or will go based off what work you put into your growth.

What does your present tools look like and where do you need to make changes?

Your action speaks louder than anything…

If someone is paying attention to you, what does your presence in person and online tell them about you?

Are you business or just playing with something as a novice…

If you don’t know something, do the research…I do it almost every day. Google and YouTube are amazing tools to learn something new or to better understand something.

If you want more, do the work and position yourself to be amongst those who potentially can help you level up. Take control of your potential success…you control what you present.

Remember this, Professional People want to deal with Professional People.

I want the best for Creative SoulZ and choose to share as my business understanding grows.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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