I’m Comfortable In Saying No

At my age and with much self reflection, I’ve learned to become comfortable to saying NO or just not doing something that I don’t feel like doing.

I believe that many people do not understand the stress that I deal with on my job. When I get off I just need to sit and be quiet, to just breathe and let go of my day at work. Now that the pool is open, if it works out I will go to the pool and release my stressors out there.

The other thing about my job is I work on a computer all day and my eyes are tired by the time I get off. I don’t like driving with tired eyes. The other thing is, I am on the phone a lot so when I get home I talk every little on the phone.

I just don’t do things on a week night, especially Monday – Thursdays and pretty much Friday too. If I do go out, it will be a Saturday or Sunday.

So if I come out, I really want them be there and it’s after I have chilled out from my job.

I also will not say I like something, if I don’t. I know how to be encouraging even if it’s not my taste.

As a Empath, I experience life and creativity differently than most people…so I now guard my energy.

If I’m tired, I won’t come out. If I’ve had a hard day, I will not come out. I practice self care more and more. I know who’s good for my spirit and who’s not. I no longer force relationships or connections.

I have been famous with myself, in making excuses for people and wanting better for them…I am learning to step back from that too. I have to understand that some people don’t want to do the work to position themselves to level up.

The Power of 60+

This is a good place for me. I really am the only one I can depend on. I am a 1 person team. So I do things on my terms and when I feel like.

I am sure there are some people out there that don’t like my new approach or attitude. All I can do is control myself and those who are meant to connect with purpose will. I will no longer have uncomfortable conversations with those who clearly don’t want to learn from what I know. I no longer have the desire to push someone in a direction that they have no desire to go.

The shift is a good place to be and saying NO is more and more comfortable these days.

The Power of 60+

Lady Flava is evolving in a healthy way in all aspects of my life.

Sharing My Thoughts

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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