Let’s Talk About Business & Emails

This a short a to the point post on The Arts & Entertainment Industry Business Tools You need to have in place.

Professional Email



Fact Sheet





Get familiar with contracts

Your email address maybe where the communication stops. Being apart of hiring teams, I learned years ago that HR looks at one’s email address first. Second supposed work history and present day, employers are looking at social media.

So if this is the standards for a potential employer, do you suppose that this could be the same standards for potential opportunities in Creative Arena?

Those doing real business in The Arts & Entertainment Industry trust me present to their colleagues in a professional manner. When doing research from Googling, to watching YouTube videos and attending online workshops and seminars… A set standard across a variety of business industries is repeated, have a business email, a website that is current and a strong social media presence.

Let’s start with your Email Address and Subject Line.

Make sure your email represents your business or industry identity. Whatever the name that shows up when you email is the first identifier. Send what you put in the Subject Line is crucial. You might have to play with that…many times you have to email numerous times before you may capture the receivers attention. And I do mean, you may need to email numerous times. Depending on how many emails the receiver receives in a 24 hour period maybe outrageous, so timing could be key also. You might try sending your email at different times with different key words in the subject line.

When the receiver opens the email, what you present in the body is so important. It is said that they do not want to do a lot of reading, so this is what they want:

– A short PITCH..a statement of who you are and what you have to offer.

– A 3 minute video that shows your talent and style

– A link to your website and or EPK

– Have a clear quality picture that will grab the attention of the person reading your email.

– Make sure you have your phone number with your name. (Also make sure you have a professional sounding voicemail message if they go into your voicemail box.

Emails are a big selling point if you can get the recipient to open your email…This is where you quickly sell yourself.

Sharing Arts & Entertainment Industry Standards In Connecting With Potential Opportunities.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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