Get Creative-Visuals-Flyers-Videos

I love seeing people promote what they have going on.

Years ago it was said in conversation with a colleague from the East Coast, “Artists need to get comfortable in promoting themselves and talking about who they are. People are not going to come knocking on their door to find out about them”. So very true for any of us desiring for people to pay attention and act on what we have to offer.

Promotions are not comfortable for many people but once you start, you might find in fun… 😁

Get Creative, establish your style and be willing to explore what you think will capture peoples attention and them tweak along the way.

#createabuzz #standout #sellit #showenthusiasm #beexcited …
Energy is Infectious #yourethefrontman #yourthefrontperson

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Food For Thought 🤔

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