Burnt Out…The Come Back Will Be Different

It’s in my character to step up for people, especially people I care about and believe in. But I find that many years later it’s gotten old and I no longer want to do it.

I’m the kind of person who has certain skills that could be beneficial to someone else and will step up and provide the tools to help present them more professionally.

At first I did it to present my capabilities through my skills and then second was, I like being helpful. I wanted to show and prove what services I can provide the arts and entertainment industry, as to build my brand and establish my business in Vegas.

Both of these factors had gotten me into trouble that now I resent having helped people with their projects, when they have not helped me build my Brand or Business. I know I need to step back and let go of the resentment. This is not a predicament that feels good in my spirit.

I’ve had the conversation with all of them, one got mad…another asked what do I do… another said that they are not an online person and then another said for me to send them what I want them to post.

I shake my head and had to change my perspective, understanding that I cannot expect people to do what I do. That was my fault to think people understand building win wins where we help each other grow.

I came to Vegas with the expectation that I would expand my Brand in supporting creative soulz along with establish a revenue building business from providing services from my skills and knowledge.

I’m having conversations with God and myself…I realize that I needed to step back, regroup and step out in peace with pure intentions to give of myself.

This was a lesson I needed to learn and find peace in the insight about others and myself.

My come back will be just fine, more professional and forth coming on expectations.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts

FYI: I changed my perspective on one connection because this person does acknowledge me publicly for what I do, plus has been there to help me in my personal world. So I was wrong in getting frustrated with this person. I had to catch myself and get out of my feelings and understand the blessings between us.

Thank You God for helping with this shift.

The Power of 60+ … I’m self aware and can call myself when I’m wrong.

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