Word Of Mouth Is A Powerful Tool

I will constantly talk about PROMOTE-PROMOTE -PROMOTE. As an indie artist supporter/cheerleader I recognize how hard it is to get out there amongst the masses, beyond the limited people who know of you…so I always talk about constantly promoting and that your team needs to also promote.

In saying this, WORD OF MOUTH IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS. Encourage the people who follow you and attend your events or support your business to help spread the word. The people who appreciate what you are you ultimate marketing tool.

As I am writing this, are the incentives that you can offer to encourage people to become apart of an unofficial, official street team.

– Shout Outs of Appreciation

– Special Seatting

– Merchandise

In my opinion, this is a great concept to think about and get creative with it.

Again, word of mouth from people that love and respect what you are doing is your key to leveling up.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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