The Talents on TikTok

I’ve resist TikTok and finally am try to embrace this quick way of connecting. Now, I’m not close to figuring it out but I have found that intrigues me right now.

The exciting thing for someone like me, is experiencing what I identify for me, “fresh new talents.”

I have heard powerful, thought provoking SpokenWord. I have heard young voices that surprised my listening ears with awe.

I love how you can connect through a duo video to sing with…other indie talents to mainstream.

I have step away from Facebook and Instagram in finding voices that grab my attention. Even when they may be singing a cover song, the uniqueness and rawness of authenticity in presence and sound is what captures my attention.

As I try so hard to keep up with times and how technology is challenging to understand how amazing creative soulz can level up and make money…along with trying to understanding the real relevance of views. I’m trying to learn 😊

So TikTok is one of favorite pass times and I have appreciated my experience of talents and heartfelt sharing.

One day, I will figure my place on social media but today, I want to express appreciation for TikTok…a site I resisted to explore.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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