Your Vision

“Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.”-Iron Mike Ditka

Have you ever had a Vision, a Dream and you think you’re taking action and realize that you have done very little. Why do you you think this happens?

For me, I will say that some of my struggles is environmental. It is the environmental energy that I am exposed to in my work space or in conversations.

I’m do recognize that much comes down to my mindset and I understand that I can control my thought process and what I absorb…so when I talk about the challenges I face, it can sound like an excuse. But it’s real, right?

Who you are exposed to on a regular basis has a profound effect on how you maneuver life and all it’s possibilities. What does you circle bring to the table for you and what do you bring to the table for them. We should be exposed to inspiration and motivation.

I will maintain that environment is a huge factor in putting in work towards a goal, dream, vision.

Then there is the plotting and planning process. Have we put a written plan of action together? That step is important. Identifying the steps, the people needed and budget that will be required for initial startup to long term sustainability.

Research and understanding is so important to determine the realistic story of what we are stepping into…this will help identify if you can commit to putting in the work to make your vision into a reality.

So much in life comes from understanding the steps. It’s easy to come up with a glorified dream from a place of possible momentary passion. We see others doing something that ignites something in us, to say, “what if?”

Some of us know that we are meant to live a specific purpose, but life sidetracks us. The obstacles, the challenges, the determination and again the commitment…play such a significant role in what we do.

I agree with putting a thought, a plan to paper. Researching and identifying the steps needed from start to finish. Then taking the time to have a honest conversation with self to say Yes, No or Maybe.

Plot and plan..identify who has done something similar to see if you can find a blueprint, helping to see if you are on the right track. Hopefully you have a person(s) that you can feel safe to share your vision with. This is when I believe how important your circle is.

When you are around achievers verses people that have no desire for more out of life…has such a huge effect on how you will maneuver life. This is environment…. Sometimes we can control or environment and other times it can be so challenging. So, I believe that a vision and self commitment can help us still take steps until we can change the environment.

Vision Boards are a great source to motivate us to take action. There are a variety of ways to create a vision board, so if you think this is an approach that will work for you…take the time how you want to create it.

To have a vision, a dream, a goal is an exciting feeling to visualize. Taking steps fuels the momentum and bringing a vision to life is like giving birth to your life.

Vision, dreams, goals…purpose, passion and legacy building…is this apart of your makeup and life plan?

It’s something to think about 🤔

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Thinking Out Loud…what’s your thoughts?

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