Is There A 10 Year Repeat Pattern?


One of my plans for 2013 is to stop having the same conversations with self and others when there is no real plan nor desire to make changes.

Learning to let go and allow others to own there own stuff…I have to stop taking on other peoples stuff and attitudes…I am like a sponge and I absorb it all and then at times have a hard time shaking it.

Thinking out loud after constantly dealing with some form of mess when I come to work and drama from some artists…Really working on turning things and people over to God.


I had to stop and paste this to a blog from my Facebook memories…. more and more I am floored when I read post from past on Facebook, it’s like I have a cycle of similar situations in the arts and entertainment industry.

What does this say about me…or does this say something about the industry I choose to be apart of. I think this is worth seeking a conversation with one of my industry mentors.

I’m tripping because this is how I feel 10 years later as I prepare to end my journey in Vegas. Letting go of my frustration with others and who I have become in the challenges of different mindsets.

Maybe it is my personality and the challenges of dealing with creative soulz.

I’m open to hear your thoughts…have you ever found yourself in similar situations, where there seems to be periods where life comes full circle of what appears to be dejavu’?

Life in the Arts and Entertainment Industry for me, Lady Flava 🤔

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Story 😁

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