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A Conversation with My Uber Driver…A young man talking about multiple streams of income. He shared with with me about what he is doing to create opportunities for himself. I had this same conversation with a young hip hop artist a few years back.

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Information can come from sources you may not see coming. Listen to the messenger. #multiplesourcesofincome | #arts & #entertainment | Make sure you have multiple streams of income.

During the long stretch of living under the umbrella of The Pandemic of Covid. Many lost their jobs, opportunities and financial security.

I was listening to a couple of podcast on starting a home base base and ways to create multiple streams of income.

As I age, you know that 60+ category, I don’t want to continue to work for someone else and I want to have time to build LadyFlavaNews as a Brand and Business. I do recognize that I need to have multiple streams of income to build from.

I’m opening up the conversation with my children on starting a home base family business.

I want to encourage you to. There are so many forms of easy business you can start with no money or very little startup capital.

Work from home opportunities:

-Arts & Crafts

-Arts & Entertainment Business



-Informational PDF

-Social Media Influencer

-Uber Driver

The possibilities are endless.

I’ve thought about it and talked about it, but sadly I have not taken action to the extent as I could have.

After reflecting on my conversation with one of my Uber Drivers, I am encouraged to step up and create another form of income for myself.

What are you good at and can you turn that into a home base business. Think about and then research

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