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Okay, this is more personal but it can blend into my professional Lady Flava world 😁

You know how there is the saying that has been going around for years…

Over 10 years ago my business mentor from Flava Coffee House told me on my 50th birthday, you will struggle if you continue to work with struggling artists. I get it, I get it.

So this past weekend, I was invited to go to a baby shower for one of my nurses. I decided to go, he really wanted me to come plus I was up to doing something different and to be around new people…I knew some other staff from work would be there and I looked forward to seeing them in a different environment.

I did not realize where I was going and 45 minutes later I pulled up to a beautiful gated community. As I waited for the guard to get permission to let me in…my mind wondered. “Is this where he lives?” Okay, I was cleared and ventured to find the address…still wondering 🤔😊

What a beautiful community and the house where the baby shower was held was so amazing.

It was hosted by a family member and the house was full of family and friends. Friendly people, wonderful food, fun games and just a great experience. Good energy from all his people. Smiles, laughter…talking, sharing just warm welcoming fun.

It was clear that this was a family that has worked hard to be able to afford luxuries and a comfortable living, but at the same time these were good people to be around for a a beautiful celebration for a soon to be new addition. This baby is going to be so loved. ❤️

Here are some things I’ve never seen before in someone’s home.

A fully reclining massage chair
Locked purse display case

The chair looked so comfortable, but the purses…I didn’t understand the locked case on display. But I guess if that is your thing, I respect it.

So what came to mind for me, was when people are blessed with financial security, that is one area in the moment they do not have to worry. Not to say that they don’t face other life challenges, but I sense that with a home in a community like this one, and the food served and all you can drink bar…it was a beautiful experience to feel no stress from lack of money. They were able to do it the way they wanted and I respect that. And they sincerely seem like happy, fun loving people.

It was a refreshing experience for me. I’m so glad that I went. I’m glad to have met his family and friends. It was great to spend time with a few of my staff and co-workers in a different setting.

Fun Times

I would say that there was more men than women…and the men really got into playing the games. 😁 So much fun watching them.

I’ve spent the majority of my time in Vegas, connected to people who are struggling financially, mentally and emotionally and I hate to say it, but it rubbed off on me…. This is why Vegas has taken such a tool on me.

I wished I could do more to create something solid for creative soulz here, so they begin to be respected for their real talents and thrive from their craft.

Once upon in Vegas, the local talents did thrive in Vegas and even performed on the strip. In 2022, it is a huge difference for Black Entertainment and the Pandemic made it worse. Black Entertainment in Vegas and everywhere deserves to thrive and be genuinely happy. They deserve to not have financial stressors and present their best to grow and grow.

It was wonderful to be around great energy, happy people. I want to experience happy, creative people. Being an Empath, can be so challenging when other peoples energy effects me…so happy people are welcome 😁

Let’s all work on being genuinely HAPPY in the New Year. It’s up to us to create a happy life.

God Bless You All. I welcome you to share your thoughts around Happy People.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing a personal experience.

+❤️+ I spoke to my god-sister last night and shared with her my experience and she brought up something that I didn’t recognize at that point, she said loved it because it was family. As we talked about that, I now feel that was a vital reason that this celebration had such an impact on me…,family came together to celebrate my friend and his wife in the new little one that will soon join their family.

I don’t take away that what I wrote about above doesn’t come into play..,but with my family back home, we would come together and celebrate with laughter and happiness filling our homes.

Still there is nothing better, than to be amongst love with people who want to be with each other to celebrate.

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