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I am sure that I am not the only one that regularly prayers, but our world is so crazy inside and outside of ourselves that we are unable to listen. I highly recommend when you are seeking a blessing, get quiet and talk to God with an open spirit. He’s waiting for you.

Sometimes, we can get caught up in life that it stops making sense. We are working and not getting anywhere. The people we are around are not moving forward with growth and achieving more towards their goals. The conversations are the same. Is this you?

Life was becoming frustrating. I had some hard conversations, with the outcome that I was an unfair issue. No one acknowledging even my why. One telling me they were angry with what I was saying. It’s hard to acknowledge that a one sided relationship was established and you are not reciprocating in return.

God has always been the head of my life. I believe he has been talking to me all along but I just didn’t hear…and then one day…it was clear, he told me to STOP and BE SILENT.

That was October 1, 2022. I stopped. I stopped calling and taking calls. I stopped creating promotional tools. I stopped putting in work on other people’s projects. I just stopped.

This has been an amazingly freeing experience for me.

I let go with love. I love each one of these people, but right now as I heal from what I allowed to happen. I have no conversation. I am good with being quiet and to myself.

I still support by reposting. I’m still doing my LadyFlava thing. I love and support the Arts & Entertainment Community. But today, I choose to be apart of my own team. Doing what I choose to do. This feels like God to me 🙏

When I come back, it will be on different terms. I will make sure that I am involved in what are win win situations.

If you are a believer of God and you feel like life is overwhelmingly frustrating. Just STOP and talk to GOD and be SILENT so you can hear what he has to say. He will reveal what you need to do. 🙏

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