A&E | Internet Radio? | Do You Listen?

I’ve been wondering, as I am on my own journey of exploring how making music, sharing music and making money from music works in 2023… I remember when I love being on my internet radio shows, building a global network and following. I started in 2009 and stopped in 2022, I believe for good, I stopped enjoying the experience. I do crave to explore a different approach of supporting indie music.

So, I wonder who really listens to music? Who listens to internet radio shows? Who’s listening to streaming platforms?

I remember as a young person and young adult listening to the radio in my home, along with in the car. That was a huge part of my life.

Do people even own a radio listen to at home? I have a clock radio that has the wire antenna, yet I couldn’t tell you when the last time I turned that on. I used to sit and enjoy my own internet radio show, but that stopped. I have listened to others radio shows, but there is no pull to draw me back…I have no craving for listening to music on the internet.

I am not a streaming music person… I will go to YouTube to listen to music that a DJ has put together by putting in a genre or era I’m craving in the moment, I listen as a background sound.

I’ve said many times, you hear no one says, “I just bought the digital download of_________.”

So what I ask is, how do you listen to music and how much time do you spend listening to music?

Do you listen to internet radio or streaming platforms?

And then, to the Artists that have their music played on INTERNET and STREAMING sites…Do you support those that support your music? Do you listen and follow the stations that play your music?

Leave me your response….

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

I’m curious to learn how people listen to music and how often.

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