God’s Hand in The Arts & Entertainment Industry

This weekend I’ve been putting more thoughts into the direction I want to go with Lady Flava News. Years ago my Daddy told me that my ministry is with artists, creative soulz…he said it was not going to be easy but it’s the calling God has put on you. I have taken this very seriously over my 20 years of being Lady Flava.

Through the Ups and downs…great memories and experience I wish I never had. Information gained and relationships established. I am still at it.

My move to Vegas really showed me what I don’t want to play a role in. But it doesn’t take away from the amazing talents here and my prayers for these phenomenal entertainers to find fulfillment in what they do.

Years ago, in 2003 I was encouraged to build my own business and I decided to build a coffee house. Although the circumstances of how she came into existence to the heartache of closing her doors…Flava Coffee House was where I was birthed as Lady Flava.

Flava allowed me the opportunity to create a safe place to share creativity. I thought I could level that up with a platform in The Entertainment Capital of The World, Las Vegas, NV.

I dreamed this over 6 years ago…it was well planned out, a business plan created and money raised and saved. After a year into being here, it was evident that I had no team and there was no real interest or support to establish a scene for Original Art. So, this project never was birthed.

October 2022, God told me to stop putting in work for people who were not supporting my goals and dreams. It was the best decision that I have made since arriving to Vegas. It has freed me up and lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I became disappointed with and frustrated in helping others…this was not of God and I knew I was not in a good place in what I was doing for others.

I made a decision to return home to Seattle where my passion for Independent Original Artistry was founded. This is a decision that I am so happy with.

Now to decide the direction I will take my ministry with creative soulz. I know I will be utilizing and growing my blogs, and working on getting comfortable with doing videos. I do have my press pass, which I plan to utilize more back home, as I share the Seattle Creative Community with my followers.

Lady Flava News Logo created by the late Kirkland Randall “Mr Ripley “ 2011

Last weekend I started reading a book that has open my eyes to my dreams again and to live a life with purpose. A purpose of supporting the arts again from a holistic authentic perspective.

Then I heard a sermon that talk about being apart of the Art and Entertainment Industry and keeping God at the head of your approach to being apart of this challenging industry. Staying guarded against what is not right and not following into the dark side of what has taken hold of so much of the arts. How to be the one who does what’s right, not what’s easy. Do not follow what is not of God and not all money or opportunities are pleasing to our father.

Closing out this evening with a movie that went back the early days of black music and the number of people who were unknowns, unsung music legends. The dark side of the industry back in the 60’ and 70’s. The shady decisions that hurt many lives and the courage to bring things out in the open and making things right so many many years later.

God is the head of my life and never once did I feel I needed to walk away from supporting creative soulz. I have heard it said many times that a person can at any point redefine the direct and outcome of their life. This is what I am doing now.

Vegas taught me how much I need surprise and original creativity to capture my attention with excitement. I can appreciate great talents and the talents that are meant to perform to the masses the classics of the past. But for me there is nothing better than to experience a creative person’s own art with an authentic presentation.

With distance and time, I’m sure I will reflect back on the great and exciting newness of this city, and possibly I may return if I see something that peaks my interest to experience and document.

So, I pledge to myself that I am committed to taking God along with me in this next chapter of my journey of being Lady Flava and keeping myself in a professional and spiritual space of supporting creative soulz from here out.

You can tell who keeps God first in the Arts and who has fallen into the illusion that the dark side has push in this era of arts and entertainment. I am a Child of God first and foremost…but I know I am meant to play a role and I will find my angle. I will find a healthy and fulfilling position to play.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Journey

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