A&E | Who’s Writing About You?

Who’s writing about you and your art?
Artist House Music Mentors say that when you know you are on the way to making moves of recognition as an unknown artists, is when people start writing/blogging about you. 2013

If you a public figure, performer, creative soul, small business you want people writing about you.

The ones looking to level up, need to connect themselves to people who will write about them, take pictures and videos and will share to their network.

Get connected to:






When you capture the attention of those that document through positive welcoming engagement and showing appreciation by sharing that they publicly are acknowledging your talents, business or services.

No matter how large or small a media person is, you never know who they are connected to or who is following them.

Always build a win win with those helping to give you exposure. It’s a blessing when someone chooses to share you beyond your network.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Giving Industry Advice

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