A&E | What Should A Reviewer Share?

Over 15 years ago, I became a book reviewer of African American Literature. First I was accepted to join a highly respected African American review team that was based out of Philadelphia. The manager ran the team extremely well, identifying who should read a book and the going over our reviews with feedback if necessary before publicly posting to the book sites and other sites. I appreciated this training, even if I didn’t agree with all their feedback.

Soon I became popular as a book reviewer, authors would send their books directly to my coffee house. What great memories of sitting in between customers, reading and posting reviews. I even sold some their books at Flava. In 2008, I hosted a national literary conference out of my coffee house where authors came from across the United States to participate. I’m extremely proud of that experience.

After closing Flava I continued to be sent books, which turned into music and art pieces to share my opinions on my blog and other sites.

I didn’t always make a creative happy with my opinion, some were gracious and thanked me for my feedback, while others were rude or blocked me on social media. Of course if my opinion was harsh…I never shared publicly and I pick and chose who I would share my thoughts with privately.

Reviewers, in my opening should give honest feedback on their experience of_________.

Feedback: helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve a performance, product, etc.

You should want people from all walks of life to give you feedback of the experience of what you are presenting to them.

You want people talking about you and what you do. You want to encourage people that are loving the experience to share with their people and network.

I know most want to only hear the good, but I feel that if expressed in a respectful kind way you can also receive the feedback as a positive even when there is constructive criticism.

Honesty can bring growth, courage is when you can analyze the why and possibly see where you can tweak things to provide a better presentation and experience. You can never grow, if you are not capable of receiving honest feedback.

Next Level, should take criticism and acknowledgement of what works and doesn’t work. Each level of development, should require pause to debrief and review. And then make changes if necessary.

In your opinion what should a professional reviewer share?

I would love your feedback.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing my thoughts on Reviews. I would love your feedback. 😊

PS: I want to encourage you to connect with reviewers, bloggers, influencers and such to help share there thoughts.

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