What Should Be On A Flyer?

Let’s Talk About What Should Be Clear To Read on A Flyer (in my opinion)

1) The name of the Event

2) Day and Date

3) Time of the Event

4) Address (including City and State) and Location

5) Website or Social Media (not as important, but could help to gain followers)

6) Picture of __________

7) Feature Guest(s)

8) Who is putting on the Event…Presented By__________

Now other things can go on the Flyer, such as other graphics, logos and video capabilities. Keep in mind, when doing a Video Flyer, most social medias will not let a support person to save it and share it.

What I listed above, in my opinion is most important to be CLEAR/Visible and PRESENT on any FLYER.

You want people to SHARE, so make sure all the information is on the Flyer and make sure you provide your support people the ability to share. Be sure to put your Social Media settings on a Flyer post to PUBLIC so it can be shared, if it is set to FRIENDS only, the people you both have on your friends list are the ONLY ones that will see the post. You want as much visibility to grow your following and to create an interest for NEW people to attend or to take action.

Since I began my journey as Lady Flava, I wanted to learn how to make flyers and I tried, some better than others.

Over the years I have improved, I not the best best, but I am good. I have seen a drastic difference in my work from when I first moved to Vegas until now, 6 years later. I am still learning and growing in my skills.

Check out the flyers I have done for my favorite band in Vegas, BLOCK PARTY:


Check out my, “What’s Happening in Vegas” page here on LadyFlavaNews for Vegas Events and check out the styles of flyers. Some I was challenged to find the dates on.


If you care to give your feedback on any of the event flyers, (I do not know who made the flyers.)

Did I hit on the nail with what info should be clear on a Flyer? Let me know your thoughts.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Let’s Talk About Flyers

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lady Flava News
    Mar 17, 2023 @ 15:03:43

    Since I posted this blog, I am seeing more and more flyers with unreadable information or missing information 😱

    Liked by 1 person


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