To Do A Fundraiser or Not

Do to continuous challenges at my job where the hospital census keeps dropping causing my hours to be cut from full time to part time. This has caused a financial stressor for me for several months. This is just one of the reasons that I decided it’s time to leave my job and return home to Seattle. Unfortunately, just as I thought I was back to full time hours, I have been cut back to part time just as I am preparing to return home… What to do?

One of my loved ones suggested that I do a GoFundMe account to see if I can get support from my family, friends, colleagues, co-works and social media followers. 🤔

I am not new to GoFundMe…but my fundraisers were centered around raising funds to support projects regarding creative soulz.

Although, my goal in returning home is to get away from the Vegas environment and get back to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and find my motivation and direction for LadyFlavaNews. Vegas does not embrace original music and my passion is original authentic creativity. I miss the feeling of excitement in experiencing indie creators.

Let me also say this, I am a Christian and I know that I should have faith that the money will be available when I need to to secure my move back to Seattle the last week of May 2023. As long as I have full time hours, I can easily save the money to pay for the rental truck and car hitch plus gas. Unfortunately, the hospital is unable to predict the census to guarantee my full time hours.


I would love your feedback.

So, I do have a GoFundMe that I have not put out publicly. This is not easy for me to ask for financial help. 😔

But here is the link to my GoFundMe for my return to Seattle:

If you feel moved to bless me, I would be extremely grateful. This will be the only place I will post this for now, until I am more comfortable to put it out beyond this platform.

Humbling sharing with personal and professional vulnerability. 🙏

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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