One of My Nurses & SnapDragon Vietnamese Pho | #kindness

A Gift From On of My Night Nurses, brings a Smile to my face after I calm down from having a rough time at work.

One of my nurses who happens to be Vietnamese, greets me every morning when I come in before he gets off work. He talks smack all the time and makes me smile because I know he means no harm (even when, there could be an underlying serious side to what he is saying) I have worked with him in this hospital over 4 years, I now call him my little brother. He’s one of those people that could appear hard, but would do anything for you, especially if he cares.

He always checks in with me. He knows I’ve been struggling at work, the pressures the hospital puts on me and then my hours being cut on top of that.

I’ve been telling him how I miss eating Pho. It’s a family favorite back home, pho is everywhere in Seattle. I have not had pho since I moved to Vegas. He said he would make me some, but if know anything about pho is you have to eat it right away.

Then he started to talk about this easy pho kits that he thinks is good for simple quick pho…so look what he got me.

Of course this is what I had for dinner…I kept it simple with onion and egg and it was a wonderful treat.

I love to share about great products, but more so when someone chooses to share some kindness towards me, especially when life is challenging.

I have wonderful memories of working with this nurse. I will stay in touch with he, his wife and baby when I return home to Seattle.

SnapDragon Vietnamese Pho is a gets a 10 Flava Snaps from me and I will continue to by it’s for my use at home.

I highly recommend SnapDragon Vietnamese Pho for an easy meal at home or work. Eat with just the seasoning provided in the packet or get creative and add your favorite veggies and or protein.

It’s available at Amazon, Costco and some grocery stores.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Just sharing a happy story of one of my favorite peoples and a gift he brought me at work 😁

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