I Speak My Truth, In Hopes To Be Heard and To Make A Difference

I travel in my own lane. I speak my Truth even when I know it makes the other person uncomfortable.

I speak up…in hopes that the person I’m speaking to will think about I’m saying…I do not speak out the side of my neck. I first think through what’s going on and then explore what can be done to resolve the final outcome.

I try to help identify concerns and want to be apart of a solution. But more and more people do not want to hear the truth…and we live in a time where people don’t speak up and accept subpar situations/circumstances.

I’m not people’s favorite for doing this.

Now I advocate for my staff, I speak up against unfair treatment and the loss of hours for staff and myself. My job has been struggling for the past year and a shift has taken place in the medical arena since the pandemic. This has taken a tremendous toll on healthcare administrators and staff.

It seems that more people don’t want to explore the problem and how to fix it. They are okay with the dysfunction of continuous loss of connections and losing valuable people. Many live a life of a revolving door of turnover and dissatisfied people on a supposed team.

I was raised to speak my truth. I was raised to stand up against injustices.

Why do people only want to hear praise and no critique or addressing a continuous problem. Of course it gives us the warm fuzzies to hear the good good about who we are and what we do. That’s all well and good…but we are never perfect and we should be open to hear where we could improve.

When there’s no growth or a cycle of dysfunction is created that you cannot find ways to dismantle the core. Many times the dysfunction in many situations becomes so normal that someone don’t really see that it’s not a healthy positive lifestyle.

I was raised in an environment where my elders pulled my coattail and my peers we did the same. We were exposed to forward thinking and solution based thinking.

I have made it hard for myself at my job, by speaking up against the wrong done to myself and my staff, but I’m going to stick it out until the end of May. That’s when I will be leaving to return home.

They put up with me because they know I’m a good employee, who is hard working, committed, and go above and beyond for my staff, the doctors and patients. I had hoped to address the problems to get them to open their eyes and stop the turn over in staff. I feels like they don’t want to be honest in the organization to see the real concerns. This is one of the reasons I want to leave Vegas. It is such a different mindset that doesn’t work well with my spirit. No accountability and no desire to change.

I believe this means I’m in my own lane in how I think and handle life. (This statement can be used in so many ways, but as I was thinking I’ve my job, I more and more realize that I’m different). Also, I am a Christian and don’t entertain certain behaviors and environments. Although, many people claim to love the lord the behavior shows they accept or indulge in actions that goes against the teachings. I was open about my thoughts and now I just let people do what they do and I just stay away.

From Arts & Entertainment in Las Vegas to my job in healthcare I have experienced that I am different. I didn’t realize how different I was until I moved here.

So, I need to step away so I can heal from life here for me. People may say I could have handled life differently, of course that is true, but that’s not what happened. I am me, and I handle life my way…I’m open to hear others feedback…I’m the one who has to deal with the outcome good or bad. I am sure when I return home…I will process my life the past 6 years and hopefully will see growth and not just bitterness.

What do you do when you see things could be done differently, do you speak up or do you stay quiet…go along with the dysfunction and grumble about it on the side?

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts | I’m Okay With Being In My Own Lane

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