This is personal … I Need To Vent

Please keep my staff, coworkers and myself in your prayers 🙏


The last 9 months have been overly challenging for myself and many of my staff and coworkers.

I schedule the nurses and CNA’s along scheduling patients outside appointment and transportation.

Through the pandemic to the present it has been a revolving door of staff.

Presently, I am loosing staff due to lack of stability for full time hours. The financial struggle has been real the last 9 months. A shift has taken place, where once our hospital stay at high census, it has consistently dropped to low census where regularly my hours went from full to part time and staff are being cancelled. We’ve all run out of PTO to cover low census.

I’ve been stressing because I am moving back to Seattle the end of May. I am now cutting into my savings to cover my normal living expenses.

I have eliminated unnecessary expenses. I do not go anywhere to save on gas and temptation to spend money I don’t have right now.

It’s sad that my life has come to this in Vegas…the stressors of my job has taken a toll on me and was the final push to make the decision to move back home. I don’t want to commit to find another job when I am unhappy living here. I deal with unhappy staff everyday at work, it breaks my heart because I do not have the power to make it better for them. So I spend a lot of time listening and empathizing. This is why I go into work 2 hours early to spend time with my night staff off the clock…it’s the only blessing I can give them, is my time.

The staff love and respect me…it is hard to say goodbye to them. They are concerned with who will replace me, I too am concerned with what will take place once I leave. I worry for them as I’m worried that I will not have the money to secure my move home…

I am overwhelmed with stress right now, as a Christian I am trying to believe that God is going to make away out of no way.

-I have reserved a moving truck
-I gave notice to my apartment today
-I will give an official notice to my job May 1st.
-I have started to go through my things and started packing.

You know what the sad thing is about the low census at work, It does not effect the administration, it effects the people who make things happen at the hospital.

Please keep my staff and coworkers in your prayers along with myself.

I was asked by a loved one to start a GoFundMe, which I did but have not been able to bring myself to put it out.

Here is the link:

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Feeling Vulnerable as I Share My Thoughts

Thursday 4/6/23

For those of you that really follow me, know for years I have not been happy living in Vegas. My niece said to me a couple of days ago that she is surprised I stayed this long…I am too.

-2020 I knew I would return home
-Then the pandemic hit and life has changed, as I work in healthcare

  • 2021…still dealing with Covid, staffing a hospital became a revolving door and my job as a nursing staffing coordinator became hell. The pressures put on me have been unfair. Once a person who sat in an office doing staffing and patient appointments, turned into having to be in on meetings with the CEO, CFO, CNO and Director of HR and Therapy. (Mind you I do not hire staff)
  • 2022 A huge shift took place and we started to not have a full hospital
    -This shift in a low census meant that staffs hour were cut (especially non medical staff, such as myself)
    -More staff left because it was financially hurting them along with the stress
    -9 months ago, we went through a long stretch of hours being cut and I worked part time hours for 4 months and this was during the time my car had to have the transmission and then alternator replaced. ( I had to finance it, which I’m still paying for)
    -Things started to pick up and then dramatically dropped again 2 months ago. So guess what, my hours have been cut again…this is either week 5 or 6 (I lost count) Of course this happens when I announced I would be resigning from my position and moving home.
    -I’ve reserved the uhaul and car hitch
    -Gave notice to my apartment
    -Will be giving official notice at work the first of May
    -Through all this, I used up all my PTO last year when my hours were cut, so I have had very little to pull from to help me now and I’m down to zero.
    -So, my new major stress is not having the money to move home.

I know it will all work out and what ever it ends to be, I will survive. But I really want to take my things home with me and not leave them behind to have to start all over again.

I trust God and I have to stop stressing because I will make it back home.

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