Selling Ourselves Short

As Long As You Allow Someone To Devalue You and Your Talents, you set the the tone for Future Opportunities for Yourself and Others!

This is a conversation that I have had time and time again over the years…It is advice that I have gotten from colleagues and mentors and advice that I have given folks apart of the Arts & Entertainment Industry for years.


What does it mean to Sell Yourself Short?

Selling yourself short refers to undervaluing your skills, abilities and performance.

By not believing in your own value, you may limit yourself from potential opportunities and growth.

Know your skill level and understand what is a respectful compensation for your talents and abilities.

I see Great Talents getting paid pennies on the dollar for the talent.

I’ve seen venues and small businesses make very little money to keep their doors open or maintain sustainable staffing.

I myself have put in work in the industry without out compensation. I work at a job that under pays me for the responsibilities I have and for within the organization. The sad thing is I have accepted this, because I’m in a new land without a support system.

Why Do We Sell Ourselves Short?

It’s time we STOP and say that is unacceptable, I cannot to ___________ for what you are offering. Possibly they will negotiate or we need to be comfortable in walking away.

I believe take advantage by making you feel it’s a great opportunity for exposure, experience or introduction.

If you do decide to not be financially compensated, make sure there is a REAL VALUABLE benefit for agreeing to participate.

PS: I do believe if it brings you a good feeling, that is a benefit too.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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