Flava’s Jazz Listening Party 07/06 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts

Flava’s Jazz Listening Party 07/06 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.


Welcome to Flava’s Jazz Listening Party where I shared the jazziful sounds of: Patrick Yandall-Passion Avenue, Keyan Williams-Thought I Told You, Antonio Farao`-One Solution, Ava Lemert-Rhodelea, Chris Bitten-One Am, Monet-Vain, John Hopkins Jr-Enough Said, Michael Powers-Urban Ukulele, Norman Evans-Antiquities, Tony Bunn-Everywhere Fast, Stephen Jerome Ferguson-Strut, Paul Richardson-Summertime, Marc VanClaggett-Merald Drive closing out with Ian Villafana-Lazy In Love

Morning Coffee with Flava 07/02 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts

Morning Coffee with Flava 07/02 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.

Welcome to Morning Coffee with Flava where I share some thoughts and stories and wonderful Jazz Artists from around the World, like: Gino Goss-Funk It Up, Patrick Yandall-Passion Avenue, SJF Music-Leopard Jam, Sam Hankins-Nothing Between Us, Michael Walker-A Smoother You, Melvin Chenault-Indigo Children, Loyd Watson Jr-U Want 2 Know, Antonio Farao`-Inside closing out with Keyan Williams-Thought I Told You

Merald Drive in NOW Available on CD Baby and…

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Merald Drive was a great experience for me in many ways witness and to be apart of it’s birth with creator Marc VanClaggett.  I learned first had what it was like to put together the musical pieces of magic, fine tuning and where the music comes from in the depth of the soul of this artist.  Marc has had many years experience in this industry but it is almost like he is coming into a new stage with excitement and passion for himself to share with others.  Yes, artist on a whole creates for the the enjoyment and pleasure of others but always remember that art, music is something that come from within themselves and is very personal with stories of their own.  Some stories will may come to learn as others is strictly up to our interpretation.

Originally, at Marlex Records planned to release this album in 2012 and obstacles came into play almost making the labor of it’s birth so challenging.  I knew that  this was part of her story and there needed to be a delay.  Many do not know stories that go into the process of creation and producing.  With many artist, there is just that one thing that needs to be changed or tweaked.  This rings very true when it comes to Marc VanClaggett.  Merald Drive was my true experience into understanding the sound as I heard some of the pieces change over time and learned to really hear the change.

Windsor Mill Road is one I listened to in variation as as this particular piece took on the life of it’s own through the loss of a dear friend and Marc’s father in 2012.  So when I listen to it, I understand.  You would have loved the first version and even the 2nd but what you get to experience today from Windsor Mill Road is Marc VanClaggett’s heart.  Close your eyes and listen. (Windsor Mill Road is Dedicated to John Wesley, Marc’s father)

I have said it time and time again, how proud I am of this man’s work ethics, creativity and heart.  I thank him for allowing me to experience the music in a new way and to learn and grow from his industry knowledge along with allowing me to explore my own path to enhance what we do at Marlex Records.

Yes, Marc VanClaggett is the create of the music but Merald Drive feels like my baby too.

Please check out snippets of Merald Drive at CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marcvanclaggett12 but to let you in on a secret if you purchase it through Marlex Records or off any of the other sites I listed above…We make the most money from this fine piece of music magic.

We just want you to have a copy of your own so it really does not matter from which site you purchase it…just get your copy TODAY, help spread the word and then send us an email with your personal review on your own experience to: marlexrecords@flavanews.com

Enjoy the journey onto and into Merald Drive by Marc VanClaggett…Make it personal and your own!

Susan “”Lady Flava” Koshi

Marlex Records Business Manager

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Merald Drive is Now Available on CD Baby at:


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