Perfect Circle by Alvin L.A. Horn

Perfect Circle

Artist: Alvin L.A. Horn
Project: Perfect Circle
Genre: Romance/Drama
Flava Rating: 10 Flava Snaps

Perfect Circle by Alvin L.A. Horn, is a story that shares the twist and turns that can take place between those of the opposite sex in trying to connect with one another. You will witness some of the characters desiring to find a life time love along with others wanting it, but with such a warped concept of what it looks like, it keeps them from really experiencing true love. Alvin L.A. Horn even touches on those dealing with mental illness, who struggle with the reality of life and honesty, to the point that it may keep them from obtaining a healthy relationship. You will meet Coach Ayman Sparks of East Seattle City University. A man who is so driven by making men out of boys and team players that will succeed in life, that he and his lovely wife Vanessa drift apart not really understanding why it happened. But these two have a life time bond that keeps them drawn to each other even from a distance through a spiritual connection, dreams and a true love for one another. Then there is Sterlin, the assistant coach of ESCU, a good hearted man who is also driven and commit to the basketball team but he has an eye for ladies of all flavors and with that comes the drama.

Will Ayman and Vanessa get back together and will Sterlin ever settle down with one woman? You will have to read the book to find out. In my opinion with all the twist and turns and drama of relationships in this book, it will keep you captivated to the point that you will feel as if you are apart the story and a witness to the characters’ lives. You may even find yourself relating to their stories. I found myself talking to the book and even at points crying. Once I started reading, it was hard for me to put it down. Although, it is a book full of relationship drama, I believe it will have you smiling and feeling good.

From the beautiful book cover, to the formatting and layout of this book along with a great storyline, it is one of the BEST books I have read for review. Sincerely it is a book I would read again. I highly recommend this book to both men and women because I feel all can relate to what Alvin has shared in his book, “Perfect Circle”…but I know that this is a book that women would be drawn to over men.

Well done, Alvin L.A. Horn!

Lady Flava
Flava News Reviews
Seattle, WA
January 7, 2013



Being a professional book reviewer, it was a bit of a challenge for me to keep this to a level of professionalism when I almost consider this book my baby.  I never realized how special this book would be to me on a personal level until I read the final product.

I do not think that I can express the pride that I feel about this book.  My dear friend and brother, Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn sat many many hours and days in my coffee house, Flava Coffee House in North Seattle working on the manuscript for this book.  At times he would let me read a page or two to get my input or to simply tease me.  Then I was asked to read the rough draft of the full manuscript…but when he brought me the reviewer’s edition before the release of this book…I was sadden that I struggled to get my mind right to sit down and read it.  I was going through a transition of finding a new home to move into with my elderly father and all.  So when the new year hit, I asked God to give me the peace to just sit and read, Perfect Circle and I did.  It drew me in as if I had never had read any of it before…It was hard for me to put it down to do my normal daily tasks around home and Flava News.  At times I knew I needed to sleep but wanted to read more and more.  When I finished, I cried.  Feeling oh so blessed and extremely proud of Alvin, for a job well done.

I know the time that was spent in writing this book.  The ups and downs that Alvin went through in writing this book and adjusting it, having to tweak it here and there, to the stresses of getting it published and being blessed that Zane picked him up as his publisher.

Now the final book is here for the world to experience and enjoy.  Although, Alvin is family to me…aside from that…it is one of the very BEST books that I have read from start to finish.  There is nothing that I can criticize about this book.  It kept my attention, it drew me in for the whole experience and spoke to me as if I was apart of it.  It caused me to speak out loud and even cry.  The dialogue and description was so well done, that it was like I was watching it unfold in front of me as I read the words.

Yes, my chest was pumped out when I read about my daughter being a character in the book and a chapter was dedicated to my coffee house and Lady Flava mentioned.

I recommend this book as a professional and as a lover of books.  This one, I will be talking about to everyone I can talk to about it…it is honestly that good.

Congratulations, Alvin…I love you and am so very very proud of you and this book, Perfect Circle.  I wish you much success this this book and I am right there to help you in anyway that I can.



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