Soul Factory NYC Presents Collette, Darien Dean & Choklate

Soul Factory Presents

Soul Factory Presents Collette, Darien Dean & Choklate at the DROM NYC on December 29, 2012

Click the link to watch the show in the archives and let us know what you think.

Soul Factory

I was pleasantly surprise when Richard Johnson from Soul Factory NYC informed me that I would be able to watch this show LIVE.  I immediately notified people online that they could join me in watching this from the comforts of their home.

This was especially exciting for me since I have been supporting all 3 artists by playing their music on Flava News Radio and with Choklate being a local talent…I actually started playing her music in my physically Flava Coffee House in North Seattle.  As I sat and watch this show live I started receiving phone calls, texts and online message from connects across the United States letting me know they too were watching the show live and how amazing the talents were.

Well, Soul Factory does this show the LAST SATURDAY of EVERY month…and we will be able to enjoy them LIVE online for those of us not in the NYC area.

There are so many great indie artists that deserve to be experienced and I appreciate Soul Factory NYC and the DROM for doing their part in helping to showcase some of the BEST.


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